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Found Date : 2003
Address : Prinsstraat 13
Introduction :
The University of Antwerp is a young, dynamic and forward-thinking university. It integrates the assets of its historical roots with its ambition to contribute positively to society. It develops, provides access to and disseminates scientific knowledge through research, teaching and academic service to the community and accomplishes these tasks in a spirit of academic freedom and responsibility. It espouses active pluralism. In that spirit, it stimulates critical research and teaching, reflection and debate on scientific, social, philosophical and ethical questions.

The University of Antwerp undertakes scientific research which is creative and innovative, and strives for international excellence. It stimulates both basic and applied research and their valorisation and offers university teaching at an international level based on scientific research.

Teaching aims at the development and integration of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will prepare its students to take responsibility in society. The university stimulates public debate and greatly values both the academic and social service that its staff and students provide to the community.

It is active in a global environment and stimulates the international orientation of its staff and students. It is committed to the development of its city and region. It ensures the quality and sustainability of its activities.

Its contact with students, staff and other stakeholders is constructive, respectful and open-minded. The University of Antwerp fosters diversity and offers its staff and students equal opportunities and maximum potential for personal development.
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Status Public
Research Output Very High
Student/Faculty Ratio 9
Intl Students 2,688
Size L
Total Faculty 1,704

Total Students (15,178)

Intl Student 2,518
Local Student 12,660

Total Undergrads (8,709)

Intl Student 961
Local Student 7,748

Total Postgrads (6,469)

Intl Student 1,557
Local Student 4,912

Undergrad:Postgrad (Local)

Undergrad 52%
Postgrad 48%

Undergrad:Postgrad (Intl)

Undergrad 36%
Postgrad 64%

Total Faculty (1,704)

Local Teacher 1,183
Intl Faculty 521