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Found Date : 1991
Address : 8916-5 Takayama
Introduction :
Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) is a Japanese national university in Nara, Japan. Founded in 1991 and composed solely of graduate schools, NAIST promotes advanced research and technology that will contribute to global problem solving, while developing specialists who are prepared to lead the global science community.

NAIST Research Focus

NAIST’s three graduate schools are aligned with three priority areas indicated in the Japanese government’s science and technology policy, namely: information technology, biological sciences, and nanotechnology. The university also places great emphasis on the interfacing and integration of these three fields toward developing new research areas and the expansion of science as a whole.

NAIST Students

The university has a total of roughly 1,080 students (over 17% are international students), supported by just over 200 faculty members.

NAIST Graduate Schools

The Graduate School of Information Science focuses on “communication between society, people, and computers” and a network that is totally accessible, regardless of place, time, machine, or person. The fields of study are divided into computer science, medical informatics, and applied informatics.

The Graduate School of Biological Sciences core focus is to uncover various functions of microorganisms, plants, and animals at themolecular and cellular levels, establishing fields of research based on cellbiology, molecular biology, and bioinformatics while clarifying the basic phenomena of life and biological diversity.

The Graduate School of Materials Science approaches materials science through the interaction between light and materials and endeavors to understand the mechanisms of materials and light on all levels. The researchers here aim to create new materials, structures, and functions through their interdisciplinary research.

NAIST Globalization

NAIST promotes its global outreach by actively exchanging students and researchers worldwide. Every year, roughly 25% of NAIST students travel abroad to gain experience in different environments and to develop ties throughout the academic world. Our faculty is also active in establishing and improving global research networks through constant global outreach. In order to assist international students who wish to study here at NAIST, we offer graduate programs in English, provide convenient, reasonably-priced housing, assist in Japanese language education, and actively help students looking for financial aid. A large percentage of our international student population receives financial aid such as government scholarships, private scholarships, paid assistantships, and fee exemptions.

Although NAIST is a relatively young university, we were recently ranked 1st overall among Japanese national universities and 3rd in Japan by the Thomson ISI Citation Index. Our faculty has been ranked first in Japan for revenue for research expenses, grant-in-aid for scientific research, patent implementation revenue and number of business ventures.
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