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Found Date : 1746
Motto : “Dei sub numine viget(她以上帝的名义而繁荣)”
Address : 101 Morrison Hall
Introduction :
Princeton University is a major research university with a profound and distinctive commitment to undergraduate education. Whether through independent study, student-initiated seminars, or lectures in emerging fields such as neuroscience, Princeton students have the flexibility to shape dynamic academic programs that prepare them for leadership and lives of service. Through its groundbreaking financial aid program, Princeton ensures that all qualified students who are accepted can afford to attend the University.

Chartered in 1746, Princeton emphasizes a curriculum that encourages exploration across the disciplines, while providing a core academic experience. Its faculty are known throughout the world and it is not unusual for students to learn from Nobel laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners, and MacArthur fellows. Students benefit from small class sizes and one-on-one advising with faculty, particularly while doing independent work such as the senior thesis. More than 75 percent of student classes have fewer than 20 students. The intellectual endeavors of Princeton's approximately 5,260 undergraduates are supported by a range of first-rate academic resources, from specialized libraries to state-of-the-art laboratories, and even an art museum. In 2017, Princeton opened a new arts center that highlights artistic creativity as a key part of the academic experience. The academic options at Princeton give students flexibility in pursuing their intellectual interests while working toward either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science in Engineering. Students also may earn certificates from among 55 interdisciplinary programs, creating combinations of academic interests. For example, a student might major in physics while also earning a certificate in Latin American studies. Academic pursuits often emphasize civic engagement, such as through the Service Focus program that consists of a funded summer internship and service-related courses. Princeton also encourages students to participate in international learning experiences through study abroad, internships, and summer global seminars.

The University is located in the town of Princeton, which has a diverse population of 30,000 residents and is situated between New York City and Philadelphia, with rail service to both cities. Princeton is a residential university that provides a welcoming environment, advising services, cultural and educational events, intramural sports, and more. As a residential community, Princeton provides housing for all four years. Princeton's six residential colleges offer settings where students quickly can become involved in campus activities. Students can participate in more than 300 student-run organizations, the arts, civic engagement, student government, religious groups, and athletics.
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Status Private
Research Output Very High
Student/Faculty Ratio 8
Intl Students 1,912
Size M
Total Faculty 1,050

Art and Archaeology
Astrophysical Sciences
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Computer Science
East Asian Studies
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Electrical Engineering
French and Italian
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Molecular Biology
Near Eastern Studies
Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Slavic Languages and Literatures
Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs
Applied and Computational Math,
Art and Archaeology,
Astrophysical Sciences,
Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences,
Biology at Princeton,
Chemical and Biological Engineering, , , M.Eng.
Chemistry, , M.S.
Civil and Environmental Engineering, , , M.Eng.
Comparative Literature,
Computer Science, ,
East Asian Studies,
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology,
Electrical Engineering, , M.Eng.
Finance, M.Fin
French and Italian,
History of Science,
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, , , M.Eng.
Molecular Biology,
Near Eastern Studies, , M.A.
Operations Research and Financial Engineering, ,
Politics and Social Policy,
Population Studies,(in Demography)
Princeton Plasma Physics,
Quantitative Computational Biology,
School of Architecture, ,
Slavic Languages and Literatures,
Sociology and Social Policy,
Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures,
Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, , M.P.A., M.P.A.-J.D., M.P.P.

Total Students (8,105)

Intl Student 2,032
Local Student 6,073

Total Undergrads (5,260)

Intl Student 766
Local Student 4,494

Total Postgrads (2,845)

Intl Student 1,266
Local Student 1,579

Undergrad:Postgrad (Local)

Undergrad 64%
Postgrad 36%

Undergrad:Postgrad (Intl)

Undergrad 33%
Postgrad 67%

Total Faculty (1,050)

Local Teacher 958
Intl Faculty 92