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With the increasing nummber of visits and bandwidth cost, we have to put up some ads to cover the expenses for both databases and servers. (About Us). Many friends messaged me privately via Xiaohongshu:

Please consider adding "membership" to the platform and charge a small amount so as to provide some unique functions such as Ad Removal, University Ranking Collection, Ranking Comparison and etc.

We have adopted this advice and thanks so much!

By the way, Welcome to contact me via Xiaohongshu or email if you have any other suggestions or feedbacks.

Existing or in-development functions

Function Description Membership None membership
Ad Removal Remove all popup, floating Ads and unload Ad script. Yes No
Download univ ranking data Textual data download for university rankings Top 100 rows Top 10 rows
Data download for ranking analysis data Textual data download for ranking analysis data Only data displayed on the website The Whole dataset (All region, locations...)
Lastest ranking information subscription We will notify you the lastest university ranking information to your email. Yes No
My History History of browsing Max 100 rows Max 10 rows
Collect univ ranking Collect uinv ranking for future references Max 100 rows Max 10 rows

How to join membership?

Considering most of users are applicants and our website is non-profit, so

Membership ONLY at 3 US Dollars per year via PayPal. (PayPal charged around one dollar processing fee)

Pay by: Wechat, Alipay or PayPal. Please input your user ID in NOTE when making payment. I will add your membership based on your user ID in note. Since there is only me to maintain the whole website, please wait for a while after making the payment, at most 12 hours for me to add your membership. Thanks for your support!

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